I'm One Of The New Hosts of Canadaland Commons

New episodes of Commons begin on Tuesday Feb. 21 and will drop every other Tuesday after that.

I'm joining Hadiya Roderique & Ashley Csanady as a host on one of Canada's biggest podcasts,  Canadaland Commons.

For those that don't know, Commons is a Canadian politics podcast focused entirely on our politics and its impact on the world. Given the time we're in in this country, I believe it's important to centre Indigenous voices - that is my aim in working on this show - to make space for Indigenous voices, thought and insight into the issues that touch our lives on the daily.

No, I'm not quitting Red Man Laughing.

Yes, Indian & Cowboy is still building!

I look forward to opening up space for Indigenous voices on the issues that impact us on the daily.

I'm honoured to join a forward looking, engaged & motivated team of journalists, writers and media makers looking to make a difference in Canada.


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A Little Scared & A Lot Excited

When I got the email from Canadaland founder & head honcho, Jesse Brown, about my potential interest in working on Commons, I immediately responded, "I'm in." I remember thinking to myself, "What the hell did you just agree to?" A Canadian politics podcast? What do I know about Canadian politics? I believed that the listeners of the podcast deserved someone more well read, more entangled in the #CNDPOLI mess & more in touch with the current state of affairs in this country.

There was some regret initially. I'm busy working on my own podcast, building Indian & Cowboy, establishing the Makoons Media Group is a leading Indigenous Digital Media content company and working full time as a standup comic. I am swamped, admittedly.


I'm a hard worker and I love to learn. Despite the rumours and my occasional twitter outbursts, I believe in this country, I believe in Canadian's and I believe in the sustained effort by Indigenous Peoples' to make this country a better place to live. I'm curious, occasionally funny and I'm willing to be wrong - I think where I'm at in terms of my understanding of the politics in Canada suits the show well - many Canadians need to be more engaged in creating the political will that will transform this country - joining Commons is my effort at this - I'm all in and I can't wait to get started.

We are in a really important time in Canada. We are going to look back at this time 30 or 40 years from now and we'll remember it as the time we did the right thing or we utterly failed as a country.  Make no mistake, we are at a tipping point in this country - we have some big decisions to make. The political & social challenges reconciliation brings to this country, the work we as citizens have in front of us around transitioning to a green economy in Canada, working on the Nation to Nation agenda in Canada, building better cities & more has me excited to work with one of Canada's premiere independent media companies.

Thanks to the Jesse Brown and the Canadaland team for bringing me into the mix!

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