Long before I was a professional comedian & writer - I worked with Youth. I was a Friendship Centre baby growing up and I'm proud to say that I've been involved with Youth Leadership, Training & Programming for well over half of my life.

I often speak candidly about the fact that Art, more specifically Theatre, saved my life. It gave me a place to rest my worries, it gave me skills to communicate & learn about trusting others, it gave me a place to be myself. 

The key to Empowerment & Leadership in Youth Communities is ensuring Youth are being heard and are given the space to be themselves. In the workshops series' that I deliver - this is where we begin - communication, trust & creating a safe and inclusive space for Youth to be themselves.

My job is not to save Youth, my job is to help show them who they are by challenging them to uncover gifts they already carry.


The workshop series' that I offer are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the host community. We work together to meet your goals and I won't bullshit you - I won't come to your community for a paycheque and leave the Youth without tangible skills or programs/exercises to build from. 

I believe in connecting community with community. Often our Youth are disconnected from those that can make the biggest difference in their lives - the community members. I engage various members of the community to help us deliver the workshops and I try to connect Youth with community members that work in the various programs and services to help carry goals forward.

Have a look below and see if any of these workshop options fit anything you might be doing in your community. If you think there might be a fit there - send me an email at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading.


Ryan McMahon on "reconciliation." (click to enlarge)

A friendly reminder to Canada found on Garden River FN. (click to enlarge)

Ryan McMahon - Artist Statement on "why he does comedy." (click to enlarge)

Ryan McMahon on Indigenous culture & Nationhood. (click to enlarge)