Decolonization > Reconciliation

Sometimes I tweet things and get myself into hot water.

Once in a while, when I hit the "send" or the "publish" or the "tweet" button I regret it. Generally, those feelings last a few hours, then I forget about it and I move on.

Then, sometimes, you're not able to move on because the internet grabs a hold of the tweet and it sparks discussion, anger, laughter or a combination of these things.

After sending the tweet at the top of this post, I was contacted by a producer at CBC Radio 1 to have a chat w/the host of CBC 180, Jim Brown, about my thoughts on reconciliation.

Before you listen, let me be clear.

I've dedicated the 5th Season of Red Man Laughing to investigating and exploring reconciliation. True to the podcasts form AND our mission statement, we look at the good, the bad and the ugly of what it is we're focused on with the podcast.

The reconciliation project in Canada is a MASSIVE one. It is one that I care DEEPLY about. It is one that I am working on everyday, both personally and professionally. I care deeply and I am learning, I am listening, I am focused on contributing to the work in a good way.

But. I am frustrated.

I am NOT trying to be disrespectful, I am trying to be thoughtful. I am NOT trying to point fingers at others, I'm trying to promote solutions. I am NOT trying to be right, I am trying to be involved.

Here is my chat with CBC 180 host Jim Brown about my thoughts on why I believe DECOLONIZATION > RECONCILIATION.